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Far Infrared Detox Therapy functions by producing infrared waves to a deepness of approximately 1.5 inches or 5 centimeters. Far infrared detox therapies today have become very popular all over especially in spas, and other wellness centers all around the world.

When you set out for sauna for the therapy warm air heats up your body directly and from the inside. Once the waves enter your body, it offers major benefits to your body which includes healing, stimulation, soothing and detoxification of the body. The waves from the therapy warm the muscles, along with other tissues and organs like liver, kidneys and lymph. Additional benefits from the FAR Infrared Detox Therapy include faster metabolic rate, oxygenation, increase in body’s circulation and cellular regeneration. Such type of FAR Infrared Detox therapy also assists in weight loss because of the elimination of subcutaneous fat, free fatty acids, overloaded sodium and uric acid. Apart from this, the therapy also helps in strengthening the immune system.

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